Wednesday, December 31, 2014

My student loan service just sent me a birthday card. via /r/funny seowiki

My dog at midnight via /r/funny rocketkielbasa

Happy New Year, or as your dogs may know it... via /r/funny movingthroughspectra

Can't believe I kept track all year. via /r/funny RustyOTrombone

The Amazing Kitty Race: Pajama Mountain via /r/funny dwimback

Going to a new years eve party alone this year... via /r/funny Firedaveman

Are you close? I've been at this for awhile.... via /r/funny jsmithftw

This might actually work via /r/funny mattythedog

Whenever I go to parties at big fancy houses, I origami the TP so other guests are like "Are you f-ing kidding me?" via /r/funny michaelsiemsen

Does every celebrity just have every other celebrities number? via /r/funny harveythecomputer

The more you know. via /r/funny schurchson

Most useful condom review I've seen yet via /r/funny DudesNightOut

When you start paying your own energy bill. via /r/funny Rigret

The moment when your girlfriend moves in to your apartment and you see the electric bill. via /r/funny spoonfair

A story of rejection and regret in four panels via /r/funny natethomas

This girl waiting here via /r/funny mahib

How I feel about New Year's Eve as I get older via /r/funny adamtots

The conversation I imagine my upstairs neighbors having every morning via /r/funny UnPawsed

What a bitch via /r/funny mattythedog

Man's best friend via /r/funny mattythedog

"Deathstroke" seems to be an appropriate name. via /r/funny JarrodAlonge

My family's contest to see who can make our Star Wars guys the most fabulous [OC] via /r/funny shittersfull

Kathleen Gets Around. via /r/funny emantheor

This is so metal via /r/funny skonen_blades

What the hell is this thing via /r/funny Agent4777

My wife bought me monogram pajamas for Xmas. via /r/funny blubberbot

He almost did it via /r/funny mattythedog

Futurama was a great show via /r/funny harveythecomputer

How is this even possible? via /r/funny mattythedog

Dadding. via /r/funny iBleeedorange

Winter driving via /r/funny SabinatheBrain

Danger: Do Not Touch. via /r/funny Nataliza

Hey guys! A gay bar just opened in my area! via /r/funny TAcobjobCO

For someone already social awkward and with bad anxiety when a girl I am interested in does this it kills me! via /r/funny willyboxc

When I watch a DIY youtube video with an unnecessarily long intro. via /r/funny mike_blair

Sign at my local pizza place via /r/funny Carefreeslime

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Most "Free to play" games in a nutshell. via /r/funny NitroXSC

It's a gateway to math. via /r/funny iBleeedorange

Taking your drunk friend home via /r/funny cyclone321

Japanese High School Girls via /r/funny --SELMA--

My landlord is awesome. via /r/funny kgibby

Malcolm In The Middle Was a Good Show via /r/funny Bachy

He didn't get enough likes on facebook.. via /r/funny Mel-Mushero

As the holidays begin to wind down via /r/funny MonocleCats

OMG! Gas is so cheap!! What year is it?! via /r/funny xtremeschemes

How I imagine most of Reddit will celebrate new year's eve via /r/funny TwistedFisters

Mark Ruffalo about taking his daughter to preschool. via /r/funny iBleeedorange

The salt factory next to an Acura dealership in Chicago just broke. via /r/funny decorative_vegetable

Let's just re-examine this decal shall we? via /r/funny floobydooby

When my friends invite me over to their new house via /r/funny CHNIDERLA12

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