Friday, January 31, 2014

Filled out my okc profile a bit back, bill burr shares my sentiments via /r/funny treidtareid

Our culture in a nutshell via /r/funny Tooth88

My brother got his picture in the school newspaper. via /r/funny jpiep

In an alternate universe via /r/funny kdanson

I miss these guys. via /r/funny HesterLee

The Most Comfortable Man in the World via /r/funny mindig

Battering Ram via /r/funny hai-ree

On being called a karma whore via /r/funny HesterLee

Do you know why I pulled you.....over? via /r/funny Nitsche84

There is no spoon! via /r/funny blanchak

Found this on my office microwave. via /r/funny mathe106

Johnny Depp via /r/funny simpsonsfanhere

Day 2: My wife still does not realize she is being watched as she showers. via /r/funny mandal0re

It's the little things in life. via /r/funny alreadyreddit1

House in a nutshell via /r/funny qwerty2312345

Browsing when I saw these two year book photos right next to each other via /r/funny DaHipstaSnail

Her face gets me every time via /r/funny zmurfette

Arnold Playing a Violin via /r/funny aybrah

Winterly introspection. via /r/funny ConnorUllmann

Enthusiastic learner via /r/funny panda_nectar

Winterly introspection. via /r/funny ConnorUllmann

My god... she's on MySpace via /r/funny Bakgon

It only felt right to have Tom Brady join the party via /r/funny exnihilo_nihilfit

Jack Black just posted this to facebook. "This is fan art. But it's exactly how I remember it." via /r/funny NoWayBackFromHere

I geuss i should have knocked first. via /r/funny sldgehmrNIL

Osmosis Jones is funnier than I remember via /r/funny bustinjustin

Bitches Love X via /r/funny savannahcrawlers

Sir Patrick Stewart just tweeted this "Football!" via /r/funny duggatron57

I work in a gluten free restaurant and my boss wanted me to draw something on our chalkboard. This is what I came up with. via /r/funny ketchuppacket

Detroit Window Sticker via /r/funny bighdaddie

3D paving in Spain, that keep drunk people away. via /r/funny zimvi

Went to a shooting range recently. This sums up my experience. via /r/funny Awkward_Bot

My mate found this in a display book at IKEA via /r/funny squidfiction

My wife told me we'd leave in 15 minutes...45 minutes later, and counting.. via /r/funny WickedPissah22

Seth Rogen gets it via /r/funny Serial-Reposter

After learning the "To Quickly Upvote Press 'A'" trick. via /r/funny ryanqadams

advisory via /r/funny JimKB

That's Australia's richest person whispering sweet nothings in our Prime Ministers ear... Umm the top one I think. via /r/funny silamtao

The only reason to watch poker on T.V. via /r/funny Phrunkis

This was deleted earlier, so I thought i'd shard Keira Knightley and her boob talk. via /r/funny tyobama

Most badass guy ever. via /r/funny My_Squeaky_Left_Shoe

Texas poetry y'all! via /r/funny rin1010

This is not my idea of fun via /r/funny Americanwav

If she insists via /r/funny WILDCOX

Scumbag Padme via /r/funny zzzxxcxxzzz

Recreating an American Apparel ad on a dumpster. via /r/funny jaaroo

The dad on my Child Development book is putting the kids helmet on backwards. via /r/funny yz125

My friend works as a English teacher in Sweden. via /r/funny _j0nas_

Has faceswapping gone too far? via /r/funny but_why_is_it_itchy

So my boyfriend pointed out Justin Bieber looked similar to Vanilla Ice, so I decided to check it out for myself. via /r/funny argmepickle

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