Saturday, May 31, 2014

Stinkin' racists... via /r/funny Deal_With_It_Jefe

Busted.. via /r/funny Sherruf

I started to shave my head and got about halfway done when my clippers died. I have to be somewhere in twenty minutes. I present to you the only hat that I own. via /r/funny ragecrushdestroy

It's not worth the money. via /r/funny coruptintel

Possibly the least manliest photo of me. Ever. via /r/funny youessbee

went to a katy perry concert, I think this was taken at the right time. via /r/funny KingMattGray

I don't know man.. via /r/funny GreasyHobo

Give Reddit what it wants via /r/funny redpancake8

Ass so fine you could eat off of it via /r/funny tastefulsideboobs

Wife made me pancakes, I laughed at her because she spelled my name backwards on the first pancake so she made me the second one. via /r/funny I_like_code

How women say "I'm not in the mood" via /r/funny legoldgem

I finally figured out who miley reminds me of via /r/funny thatdudefred

This bar has the best signs via /r/funny sleepingalpaca

Brush the cat my girlfriend said, it'll be fun she said. via /r/funny zeratool

SHIT.... WHAT DID I JUST DO? via /r/funny snow666

Putting together my newborn's play prison and, it might be the sleep deprivation, but this doesn't look right. via /r/funny plausible-rationale

"Excuse sir..what the fuck do you think you are doing?" via /r/funny atleastinprinciple

Rv Logic via /r/funny ArousedLamma

That escalated quickly. via /r/funny TheDrCK

Jaden Smith wore a white batman costume to Kim and Kanye's wedding via /r/funny DiorGalore

Only on local news via /r/funny Hilldawg54

This is how to answer math homework. via /r/funny StolenFromImgur

My personal favorite church sign. And I agree. via /r/funny BrettJr

What everyone else in my Apt building is doing while I'm trying to sleep in on Saturday via /r/funny Muellah

This poor guy tried 4 times, but the Ginger gene was just too strong. via /r/funny Thesteelman86

Never change, Xbox Live. via /r/funny D-zorn

Well, shit... via /r/funny thugbutter

Its Finals week at our University. Apparently people need all the help they can get... via /r/funny archi-joel

Where's your god now? via /r/funny x3Addicts

Never let your friends label your moving boxes. via /r/funny xjncoguyx

[REPOST] This is so relatable via /r/funny RubbahSN

This is one of the funniest things I have seen in a while via /r/funny Hilldawg54

Help stop ignorance today via /r/funny jaksida

The Simpsons used to nail it via /r/funny reitarsky_

Good try, buddy via /r/funny trclocke

Selfie via /r/funny holdmyschtick

There is two kinds of people...and the two happen to be twins. via /r/funny str8upforks

My groomsmen were too giggly for the entire picture-taking process. When I asked what was funny, they merely said, "You'll see." via /r/funny KPtwist

My new work ID via /r/funny dustindubya

Women come in all shapes and sizes. via /r/funny WholeWideWorld

Twerkin' it via /r/funny LeterallySoBrave

Sprint Customer Service via /r/funny anthoneyk123

Oh Japan... via /r/funny karpenterskids

I'd watch least 3 minutes via /r/funny EricTheBlue87

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