Monday, June 30, 2014

I have no words to describe this! via /r/funny AwesomeNigerian

what a dick... via /r/funny pingy34

Jingles, what do your cat eyes see?! via /r/funny orion42

It's the only acceptable method outside of baking them into things. via /r/funny arminian

Casual SexEd with my 9yo self via /r/funny broomryder

Found my roommate and his cat like this... via /r/funny PatchyMo

badass of the year via /r/funny gunnLX

Enjoy your freedom via /r/funny gn3xu5

My five year old niece picked out a birthday card for me all on her own via /r/funny wxs11

Saw this guy on the way to work today. I like his honesty! via /r/funny Mormotron

A family friend just met his newest niece, Claire. Anabel is her big sister. via /r/funny Levangeline

Kid Rock and Eminem faceswap via /r/funny notenoughtreesforme

You're an asshole via /r/funny CarbonCopier

My birthday card I'm definitely loved! via /r/funny glitterzz

Hardcore. via /r/funny alexglennon

Our landlord tried to prove she had ordered a long-promised Wi-Fi router for the building. Here's what she sent to all the tenants instead. via /r/funny oscarkromero

To be honest, this is how most end users view IT professionals via /r/funny woodenturkey

Tony romo reading mean tweet about himself. via /r/funny ready_set_nogo

One of Mythbusters greatest moments. via /r/funny fudgestripes

Free doughnuts! via /r/funny BrawHaHaw

Sex ed questions in an Indian newspaper. via /r/funny buzzkillington123

Doom is the best. via /r/funny Phapn

Step 1: Cut a hole in the box. Step 2: ... via /r/funny LSE_1991

He wants to race! via /r/funny Thesteelman86

Remember to take her for swimming via /r/funny zunairabutt

This will piss some people off via /r/funny anthonyk25

This is how my girlfriend says goodbye to me. via /r/funny toogalou

Truth being spoken by Animaniacs via /r/funny DEATH-BY-CIRCLEJERK

The dry-cleaner on Friends has another job via /r/funny WingsofDiscord

I know where I'll be when the apocalypse comes... via /r/funny dillwillhill

When I was eight, my dad let me shoot his .357 via /r/funny teepy

I appreciate her for her music. via /r/funny Palf10

Get In Loser via /r/funny mads143c

Irish stereotypes. Sure, I don't even like Guinness via /r/funny stabinthedart

Walkies via /r/funny chbrules

Good one Paul via /r/funny Bobskioner

Wife left a note saying she left some french toast in the pan for me. Was disappointed via /r/funny priceky

How IT professionals see end users via /r/funny tractorcrusher

Whoever said healthcare in Canada is free is full of crap via /r/funny 0001000101

Has to be photoshopped- Cat appears to be using a cat bed? via /r/funny cougarliscious

Overprotective Parents via /r/funny PT707

This was posted outside the local store. Didn't think that was a thing.. via /r/funny tmac2015

The wife's new water bottle huh? via /r/funny poznasty

"If you love what you do, you'll never work a day in your life." via /r/funny owenjs

Mexico was just eliminated from the World Cup. Good grief! via /r/funny Kjell_Aronsen

And this is why I love cyanide and happiness via /r/funny Kubeenz

Walking around the gay pride parade in San Francisco this weekend I couldn't help but think this via /r/funny MOLDY_QUEEF_BARF

Cheese>knife via /r/funny gn3xu5

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Framing what really matters via /r/funny Blackhawk23

Dogs v. Cats via /r/funny shabio1

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