Thursday, July 31, 2014

90s Nickelodeon is a bit edgier than now. via /r/funny Yohohoandabottle1

You guys okay? I heard about what happened, I've been worried. via /r/funny angrystraw

Employee of the year via /r/funny Zyzzling

You know you're at work too late when this pops up on your screen... via /r/funny nagsy

Don't like trucks? via /r/funny Lizardqing

Spotted some true love on the beach today.. via /r/funny jerkidiot

This gets me every time. via /r/funny satellitetimes

I smell another lawsuit for the use of her likeness. via /r/funny S_Spiegel

There is a small chance that UPS just kidnapped my son... via /r/funny veek

Jennifer...Jennifer...Jennifer via /r/funny fattsoo

Work was slow via /r/funny Jabroni12

My coworker was trying to delete 20,000 files, but missed the recycling bin via /r/funny zachalicious

Then and now via /r/funny lunescence

Well then, fucking fire them already! via /r/funny Ryno3639

Washington D.C. via /r/funny BugcatcherJay

Science! via /r/funny YoungBagel

My Favorite Amazon Review via /r/funny Caboose127

Overworked nurse via /r/funny ProudBarry

Let the enthusiastic hedgehog motivate you to be productive. via /r/funny porvanism

My friend was in a pet shop and saw these birds via /r/funny mau5eth

I was out of the office for 2 weeks and found this when I got back. Thank you, co-workers. via /r/funny mrdctaylor

Jesus burritos are the best burritos via /r/funny mythrowawayaccount31

That's enough convincing for me. via /r/funny drain65

No you shut up via /r/funny popcolapopsoda

Poor Harold via /r/funny KevlarYarmulke

My friend pushed his cigarette through a crack in the deck and then via /r/funny osr

The Christopher Walken School of English via /r/funny NastyDagger

My friend just moved to Japan and saw this driving down the highway via /r/funny capomatt

Sit yo ass down! via /r/funny ur_boss000

Oh God, He Heard Me via /r/funny wes9523

What if? via /r/funny mythril225

We all struggle with inner demons via /r/funny Timmerop

Euthanasia via /r/funny johnnylogic

Smart phones are making us antisocial via /r/funny missfidycool

Aww yiss MOTHAFUCKIN BELLY RUBBINS via /r/funny criticaltype

A few name improvements for everyday stuff via /r/funny PaperkutRob

Poor guy. via /r/funny LordArutha

Deadpool can try, can't he? via /r/funny Greypo

Classic Tobias... via /r/funny ajquick

Child Predator via /r/funny tonermcfly

Just a regular streetlight in Brooklyn. via /r/funny Danzdanz

Russell Brand vs the Westboro Baptist Church via /r/funny Britishit

adults stuck in playground equipment via /r/funny obamanwoo

PLEASE HIT ME AS HARD AS YOU CAN via /r/funny Ginger347347

How my 2 year old brother covers up his accident... via /r/funny S3bastology

Message received. via /r/funny HippiePatrol

When life gives you lemons... via /r/funny mbz321

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

MY BOYFRIEND BOUGHT ME A PRESENT... via /r/funny Ginger347347

I think this guy should get that mole on his arm checked out via /r/funny Bruised_Bergina

"Oh, you were at work?" via /r/funny CommonsCarnival

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