Friday, October 31, 2014

Almost had a heart attack when I opened the door via /r/funny subliime

If you are old enough to drive a car, you are getting condiments. via /r/funny stahlgrau

She said I should dress-up like Homer... via /r/funny DubbyDov

I am Bubbles from trailor park boys via /r/funny popchocolate

I hope he still does this via /r/funny ThereseThomas10

Eiffel Towered via /r/funny captaincrunch53

Time to go haunting. via /r/funny DRockDR

No costumes at work they say via /r/funny jb88373

Ladies and gentlemen, Katy Perry as a Cheeto. via /r/funny theambientpotato

Alice in Chainz via /r/funny colebearden

Protester helps police install VLC player via /r/funny touyajp

My plans for Halloween via /r/funny SWEDISH_DILDO_LICKER

So this is my Amazon Prime costume via /r/funny Jerry_Cherry

This fat shit would not stop staring at me... via /r/funny chipbulkner

Matt Damon on Arthur via /r/funny ReadItOnRedditt

Important business meetings at work today via /r/funny nectarprotector

My friend Andy always has the best Halloween costume ideas. via /r/funny jdsamford

For all the DBZ fans via /r/funny JackoWackoo

My team did a great job with our Halloween costumes this year.....Everything is Awesome! via /r/funny Pkolohe

"No one has time to do that!" Challenge accepted. via /r/funny bearxor

Hi. I'm a koala. This is my tree. Happy Halloween 😊 via /r/funny Lorimusprime

My boyfriend's dog's reaction to the new puppy via /r/funny HarroMongorian

This costume is hot Hot HOT! via /r/funny Possibly_

Hey... my eyes are up here. via /r/funny dr_dijj

Our weatherman this morning... via /r/funny Marlboro_Gold

Kid at my school dressed up as Rob Ford via /r/funny Cacton

I saw this on my way to school. Made my day via /r/funny Grim_g0r

I've been sending TPS Reports to everyone's printers all morning... via /r/funny Finchsticks

It's usually the reason why via /r/funny BigLegEmma

My professor taught the whole class like this via /r/funny yaomingman

Our weather guy went headless for Halloween. via /r/funny BuzzedLiteBeer

Seriously who the fuck did this via /r/funny vivalazona

I feel like he might get pulled over often. via /r/funny Smokingdolphin

Deepthroat via /r/funny rinoaheartily

Let the conspiracy theories begin via /r/funny brousch

'Warm notice' via /r/funny opacdk

halloween at my school via /r/funny ironium

Someone thought it would be hilarious to modify a tree in a graveyard in my hometown. They were correct. via /r/funny joshj392

Wow. Okay printer. Okay. via /r/funny hatstretcher

Hallo, wine? via /r/funny yudoit

Cut in half via /r/funny Aldamato

Forever my favorite commercial via /r/funny Jacksoffwithhotsauce

All arguments aside, this is an awesome faceswap... via /r/funny ChanEnergy

Friend designs a website for a NY politician, they never follow through on the full payment, friend repossesses the website. via /r/funny dddash

Come on people, get your shit together. via /r/funny relentless1225

Directions via /r/funny Nonsense_Addict

Thursday, October 30, 2014

I guess that works too... via /r/funny MyWeebleFellDown

I... I think she's melting via /r/funny HandsomeAssNigga

Scottish women... via /r/funny MasterbatingGoat

This car wash has a gun where you can shoot cars as the come by via /r/funny hadukem

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