Sunday, November 30, 2014

They probably waited years to write this story. via /r/funny ImaPepper1885

My Granddad wanted to show us his "Pride and Joy" this Thanksgiving. Turns out that it wasn't his grandchildren but rather his sense of humor. via /r/funny Coconut_Bay

Starter Pack via /r/funny jake_subie

This guy from a while ago. via /r/funny thisguy1092

Tom Brady out for a walk via /r/funny TheUltimateRaddish

Equivalent Exchange via /r/funny Pikachooo

My roommate celebrates Christmas, I celebrate Hanukkah...we decided to build a compromise. via /r/funny mcsassy3

Everytime I try to find a show on Netflix. via /r/funny Hyris

My daughters school has a very helpful grade legend... via /r/funny bustardo

Danny Trejo on where he studied via /r/funny winter_storm

I told my grandad that everyone's on the internet. He said "In that case, take my picture and tell Charlie Jacobs I said fuck you." via /r/funny ketchuppacket

Seems like this guy really likes to party hard via /r/funny sendale

I gave my Pomeranian a bath...and he went full meerkat via /r/funny Damaxan

I have finished GTA. via /r/funny UnexpectedJerk

Thought my dad's old 1980s business card holder was pretty hilarious. via /r/funny yellowsubmarie

I know why Scrubs was cancelled. JD found a job in a Saudi hospital. via /r/funny callmeturk

Finally, my prayers have been answered. via /r/funny RETROELECTRO

Truth. via /r/funny DJKoldKutz

Black Friday and Xbox One via /r/funny ysteve699

Dog trying to get a Frisbee on the ground at the beach via /r/funny iBleeedorange

Beautiful and ready to party via /r/funny halch290

No-shave-November. via /r/funny kinglouislxix

"It's not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog." via /r/funny hxcjosh23

He's sorry. via /r/funny ysteve699

How Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy deal with getting hit on by jerks via /r/funny iBleeedorange

Karma's a bitch via /r/funny How2Post

Coexist? No, wait.. via /r/funny herper

Eventually, with age he will learn to heel better.... until then, he must be dragged from tree to tree. via /r/funny Itchy_Craphole

My Wi-Fi's name is sure to confuse some people via /r/funny HiImJayC

Reddit usernames... via /r/funny grungeisdead16

I don't own one of these candles, but I imagine that it smells like my money burning at a record pace. via /r/funny Bruised_Bergina

Jimmy Fallon vs Stephen Colbert via /r/funny DavisSeidel24

I giggled via /r/funny subhankhalid11

Mom asked me to put the toilet paper on the shelf... via /r/funny Gorcsewi

Stephen Colbert on "The Great Gatsby". via /r/funny JulePetra20

And the award for worst seats you paid for goes to this guy. Seen at the Charlotte Checkers game via /r/funny sfreeman8875

The worst .gif ever via /r/funny LinkBrokeMyPots

My grandpa gives out this business card to anyone he meets... via /r/funny hil0916

The sunny side of the pyramid via /r/funny Friz318

This dead deer has been outside of my small town in Wisconsin for about 3 weeks now. Someone keeps changing it's style of footwear every few days. The sign is new. via /r/funny gt14199

Helpful reviews for the $120,000 Samsung TV. via /r/funny eyiankes

Don't fall for it! via /r/funny Maddhouse

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Points for creativity, I guess. via /r/funny huffmanm16

100% accurate via /r/funny missm11

His escape at the end makes it even better! via /r/funny Cypherius

We've had an experiment running for a few months. We now have a new rule on the basis of that experiment. All posts must make some attempt at humor.

5 months ago, we made this post. Since then, we've been removing posts that make no attempt at humor. These are largely things that areInterestingSubmitted by people who can't be arsed to find the correct subredditWe've also had a fair number of users report such submissions so thanks for that. We've been keeping detailed records of your IP addresses and will be dispatching factory farm produced cookies to your home and/or work addresses.We've also had some arguments with users about the implementation of this rule, but I think the majority of those have been amicably resolved.So, going forward, all posts must make some attempt at humor. It doesn't matter if the joke falls flat or is crappy. There must be something in the post that at the very least tries to be funny.This rule will be added to the sidebar as rule 0, since the mod team doesn't want to mess with the order but we still want this rule at the top.For those who want examples, here are a few that I've removed in the past month. I'm posting the title and image only.Just sayin'...I just hit the jackpot.Batmobile outside my library!WantiPrisonTL;DR: New Rule - All posts must make an attempt at humor. Success or failure of said attempt is immaterial. via /r/funny funny_mod

Let's go to Michaels, she said. It'll be quick, she said. ಠ_ಠ via /r/funny k929

For the Hebrew Sith out there via /r/funny Hammerosu

Money talks via /r/funny sammygold13

So this store had a "Dear Santa" writing area for children and this is what I saw. via /r/funny Neloku

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