Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Dude brought connect four to a date at Bahamas Bucks

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This albino squirrel comes to the window just to rub his nipples

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The snozzberries taste like snozzberries

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But your honor...

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Boyfriend and I got the same valentines day car for each other. The inside couldn't be more different though.

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3 hours later...

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William Riker sees his future

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Deal with iauuuurggggh!!!

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Sure, come on in

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My April fools prank on my 11 year old son. The bait and switch...

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Oh snap, Murica!

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Wait for it...

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Wait a moment, How he's holding the cigar?

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In the end it will be him and the cockroaches

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I ordered something from China. Could they not package it to look like a kilo of Heroin?

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My sister slapped me over the head with this and asked if I expected it.

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Tumblr Plays Chess

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Happy March 31st courtesy of Parks and Rec

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When your boss asks for a note to prove you're really sick.

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Step up your freedom game 'Murica.

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That's the face of a proud man.

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I love car rides

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This flight goes nowhere near Disney World.

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Spider-Man in the Avengers

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Photosphere gone wrong on Google Maps

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my friends work requires a doctors note if you call in sick

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What's that in my shoe?

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Trying to do anything on Reddit during April fools day

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I fucking knew it!

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Urban Camouflage of Milwaukee, WI

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No sign of remorse detected

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This Is My Stolen Ruger. My exes new man posted it on facebook for sale after I reported it stolen. Genuis Level.

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Cadbury gets it. [OC]

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I can't title this.

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Monday, March 30, 2015

Kid has big dreams

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Think different

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Went to the park today, saw this.

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Some people are just born fabulous.

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This guy made it to dad status before he was even a real dad

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Still makes me laugh......I'm going to hell.

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Bros Unite!

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My whole life is a lie

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Still one of my favorite movies

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