Thursday, April 30, 2015

I feel like an asshole when I go on Tinder via /r/funny Appaloosa_Slim_Chode

Imagine his face after. via /r/funny SpaceGerbal

Stephen Colbert showing off his inner Hemingway via /r/funny Somali_Pir8

Two Types of People via /r/funny bitesizepanda

how most of my conversations with barbers go via /r/funny officerpupp

This is what happens when you wear a green t-shirt to picture day via /r/funny Wondermonkeydans

GODDAMNIT JERRY via /r/funny slizzardtime

Reddit when OP lies via /r/funny SirZiggyStardust

Turns out my 4-year-old is a genius. via /r/funny Nyctria

I was walking on the street when... via /r/funny MajorMajorObvious

Enzo Ferrari was a simple man with simple wishes via /r/funny red_wing_2121

Finally a mannequin that adequately reflects how buff I look in polo shirts via /r/funny W1nd

Everyone should follow this hiking tip. Especially Steve (I hate Steve) via /r/funny obviousplant

Orange Juice via /r/funny TheeLemon

Some examples of why the Oxford comma is generally a good idea via /r/funny charbok

Girl asked my name at Arbys. It's Tate. via /r/funny darthtate

Just finished GTA on my PC, now to finally go outside. via /r/funny DonBadman

Redditors that regularly browse /new via /r/funny BananaDream

Mario and Peach have let themselves go... via /r/funny elsolopollo

Get outa the way, Reddit needs more upvotes! via /r/funny 3noir

Netflix in a nutshell. via /r/funny Netchism

A simple question. via /r/funny Doxep

You gotta learn to listen, Lou! via /r/funny mykeuk

Total humiliation complete via /r/funny FredeFup

Shhhh... via /r/funny galapagos1859

Single Life via /r/funny essog

So apparently there's a little kid in front of us on this flight... via /r/funny stefanobettega

The genius of Buzzfeed strikes again. via /r/funny jshunysk8

Velociraptor via /r/funny HelpImDrowningAgain

Nice try Comcast... via /r/funny JediBiff

When you need to keep your mouth shut via /r/funny BeanGallery

Toilet Poetry At It's Best via /r/funny Swordbreaker456

Aww yisss via /r/funny igetdownvotedalot

The Psychology building at my University via /r/funny friedpotatonom

It's summer here in the Phililppines so we have to ... via /r/funny momonyak

How To Win Every Fight via /r/funny Swordbreaker456

School bathroom gets reviewed via /r/funny kemeasie

A local church via /r/funny Ohfkhesback

There were a few bugs on my ride tonight.. via /r/funny SLCPHARAOH

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

So I Ran into Vincent Van Gogh today... via /r/funny xacbranch

Hold up, the screw fell out via /r/funny futurebrowndwarf

Or Carlos, depending on who's available. via /r/funny Doctor_Reynolds

This is always make me smile via /r/funny vassapimbruno

tough guy via /r/funny sellyourcomputer

Yeah you should be sorry via /r/funny penguinpilates

Well, uh... I guess that's a good motto via /r/funny doubletheaction

14 Year old in Sex-ed class via /r/funny R1pp3D

Delicious House Meat via /r/funny dodahdoodoo

Only in Denver... via /r/funny noeatnosleep

A funny exchange between a needy customer and the owner of my local bookstore. via /r/funny Affablecontrarian
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