Sunday, May 31, 2015

Just in case a cow wanna fuck around and get dunked on via /r/funny B4DASS

My Graduation Cap via /r/funny Backs_People_Up

I miss Roseanne. via /r/funny gayt0r

Slut via /r/funny liverpoolrob

Just a normal day in Canada. via /r/funny ChrisHardwicksNavel

Nothing worse than waking up on a Sunday morning, and having to clean up the carnage left behind after another wild Saturday night. via /r/funny lauristonsegerson

Fuck that guy!! via /r/funny Fis4fantastic

No shit! via /r/funny DaydreamKid

Gave my Texan mom a new keychain. I don't think she's figured it out yet... via /r/funny hestonkent

So true (xpost from r/blackpeopletwitter) via /r/funny Purpleotterbox6

Get the job done right. via /r/funny JMell09

Michael J. Fox's autographed headshot at my favorite local restaurant via /r/funny fartjamas

My job here is done via /r/funny 1Voice1Life

How potholes are fixed in New Orleans via /r/funny DiskoShit

Good Guy Canadian Security Officer via /r/funny DarleneRig

So apparently Snape works at American Airlines via /r/funny iamgingerhearmeroar

I decided to take a picture with this hot ass chick. via /r/funny IXI206

Not a single time via /r/funny poppzE

Found Daniel Radcliffe as a woman in an old timey photo. Bonus: Harry Potter glasses! via /r/funny gurblah

These two books contain all the information in the world via /r/funny Mountandrew

Gets me every time via /r/funny aliahmad345

This might be worth looking into via /r/funny Coaz

We could use some of this MTV Generation spirit with our current generation. via /r/funny CJ105

Been pretty sick for a couple of days. I woke up to find that my wife had left me this card. via /r/funny kinginkrk

Who did it?!! via /r/funny alsobrante

Bosses are lame via /r/funny dogpoopandbees

[IMAGE] New president of Poland and Frank Underwood with his wife via /r/funny Bibosas

He said he wanted "cold hard cash" for his birthday via /r/funny Handicapreader

My aunt has a condo on the 14th floor of a building. My mom gets nervous so I made this... she was not amused. via /r/funny HondaBn

Steve Buscemi did it better. via /r/funny FiftyShadesofpiss

Wife made me a pillow. via /r/funny punkrockpapa

Super Food via /r/funny ubertool

I'm gonna say.....yes? via /r/funny Nulpix

I found a drunk guy that I tried to help. via /r/funny Krazy_Legs

What happened? via /r/funny ZyroCrystal

By far my favorite combo in cards against humanity via /r/funny DerangedSenpai

Living on the edge via /r/funny k3rstman1

That's a Wedgie That Will Never Fade Away :D via /r/funny Mhx2015

GF let me decorate the guest bathroom. This is now the view from the toilet. via /r/funny brianito

Nom via /r/funny Glichraptor

Hope this settles the entire Batman v Superman issue. via /r/funny EwokalypseNow

True Wingman via /r/funny Rtahnum1

paw and order via /r/funny sellyourcomputer

Voldemort is a teenage girl! via /r/funny harryreece100

When you try and make a serious vlog about DIY barn repair. via /r/funny Darakath

What happened to air travel? via /r/funny alilbored1

If you build it, they will come via /r/funny Ima_nobody

Cheerleaders before they were celebrities via /r/funny ZeOppositeOfProgress

Best thing I've seen in my work's parking lot via /r/funny MLPType

What's That?! via /r/funny Undefinedmaster
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