Friday, July 31, 2015

Good Guy Herbie via /r/funny KaizenGamer

For those pro-lifers.. via /r/funny BadWolffie

Subreddit Of The Month [July]: /r/birbs, "Birbs are birds that are being funny, cute, or silly in some way". Know of a small (under 10,000 subscribers) humour-based subreddit that deserves a month in the spotlight? Link it inside! via /r/funny funny_mod

A good way to meet women is to hand out dick picks. via /r/funny badmotherfucker1969

Chris Pratt is having a Facebook cover photo contest. This is my favorite entry so far... via /r/funny ebigcheese

My friends daughter looks like a mini Patton Oswalt. via /r/funny SeThomas

I think I'm breathing, wait, how do I breathe?? via /r/funny JennyJuggs84

Shock & Awe via /r/funny Retrocat71

Pop the Balloon! via /r/funny cakebeerandmorebeer

So much effort just to prank one person via /r/funny kitkatscallywag

They don't call him 'the Science guy' for nothing via /r/funny cakebeerandmorebeer

It could be worse. via /r/funny Chihuahuapowa

My uncle has life figured out via /r/funny brotini

Dammit, white people via /r/funny UnderFireCoolness

Friend of mine got a wrong number this morning. via /r/funny cortlong

i sometimes wonder how my dad ever lived to be 54 via /r/funny RuggedlyHandsome

Watching Jurassic Park 2 when suddenly via /r/funny DrGalactus

My cousin's 2 year old kept getting bit by other kids at her daycare... via /r/funny stellx

He knew what to do via /r/funny darinda777

What true love looks like via /r/funny XiKiilzziX

Sex life after baby via /r/funny WaruPirate

Me at any Mexican Restaurant via /r/funny Scuttlebutt91

Local Detroit Radio station just posted this via /r/funny ImVedy

Redneck couch moving via /r/funny RubuRDukEE

Guy with Road rage tries to kick cyclist of his bike via /r/funny cakebeerandmorebeer

well she's not wrong... via /r/funny Loecxi

''Pet of the Day'' via /r/funny baraxador

Perfect loading sign via /r/funny darinda777

Life was simple back then via /r/funny Scuttlebutt91

Alright Microsoft Edge, Let's See Who You REALLY Are! via /r/funny H-Wood

I think the deer are on to something. via /r/funny wantganja420

Thursday, July 30, 2015

My gf photoshops pugs into different scenes via /r/funny hotkarlmalone

Chicken Shaming via /r/funny HeMan_Batman

How to confuse your friends when they wake up from a hangover via /r/funny Mdogfizzle

Arnold Schwarzenegger just posted this on Instagram via /r/funny Namigan

While preparing for my garage sale, I found a pendant my ex gave me... I decided to be a little creative with selling it. via /r/funny PatriarchVespa

Just Jew it. via /r/funny SP3CLT

By day he is Bruce, but by night... via /r/funny Jay1013

You are fired! via /r/funny darinda777

Protip: don't breastfeed after a spraytan via /r/funny LondonDave

Making father proud via /r/funny alexmajor15

This toddler loves the ads for a local personal injury lawyer so much, his mom made it his birthday party theme. via /r/funny ChrisTaliaferro

That's retarded. (x-post r/rickandmorty) via /r/funny arg6531

My favorite faceswap. via /r/funny InsectOverlord

Ugh don't post it, I look gross via /r/funny KaribouLouDied

Every time I post on Reddit... via /r/funny Cleverly_Clearly

Found a fossil! via /r/funny baldwinbean

Play with me! via /r/funny j0be

He's scratching his ass with my pen via /r/funny alessa28

How Europe sees America via /r/funny Scuttlebutt91
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