Monday, August 31, 2015

Windows throughout the years via /r/funny speaksthetruthalways

Subreddit Of The Month [August]: /r/askashittydoctor, "When you can't afford a doctor or to go to medical school, why not ask someone who may or may not know more than you?". Know of a small (under 10,000 subscribers) humour-based subreddit that deserves a month in the spotlight? Link it inside! via /r/funny funny_mod

10 years and it's never been touched via /r/funny I_Say_I_Say

I found my daughter hiding from me in the Bushes. via /r/funny herndon39

Young gorilla and toddler play peek-a-boo at the Columbus Zoo via /r/funny Thund3rbolt

My buddy found this in his dorm room via /r/funny Dooiechase97

"The dad I aspire to be".... for all the special dads :-D via /r/funny [deleted]

Go, get the ball! via /r/funny AArtemis

Damnit Dan. via /r/funny yes_no_yes_yes_yes

When this aired, I never imagined how relevant it would be to me only a few short years later via /r/funny belfaj26

Every Finding Bigfoot episode ever via /r/funny brownhotcarl

An Owlet Goes For a Stroll... via /r/funny ravenpride

Asked the pizza guy to write a joke inside the box. via /r/funny Sendmeloveletters

So a cabbage truck crashed on the highway near Rochester NY... via /r/funny DisgruntledPlebian

Just something my friend is hanging in her dorm via /r/funny TheNitroBlade

Quizno's new ad campaign. Simple and to the point. via /r/funny jasonthomson

Cat weighs himself multiple times per day... and fitbit records and logs it via /r/funny GottlobFrege

My brother was let go from his carpentry job. This is him "updating his resume" via /r/funny testiclesalsa

I hate it when that happens. via /r/funny ispent15minutesonthi

So it begins... via /r/funny Sunset_plaza

"Girl-illa' via /r/funny openingceremony

I never know what to do with babies via /r/funny officerpupp

Canadian Bacon via /r/funny Sabo88

If you are going to put your phone in rice after getting it wet, make sure to use plain rice, NOT Uncle Ben's. via /r/funny dm919

And when they turned around... The red dot was back! via /r/funny jcravenw

things you can do to make your cat happy via /r/funny JimKB

The funny part is that KANYE and Kim look like medieval peasants; The sad part is that his sweater Probably costs more than my car. via /r/funny therealJayT

The raptors in Jurassic World during filming... via /r/funny 9999monkeys

Painted in 1930, a picture of the future. The artist got it. via /r/funny Torontomisfit

I'm learning Thai... via /r/funny jakethemuss

Miley Cyrus on gender nipple inequality. via /r/funny delete_if_u_r_sure

"churrch" via /r/funny qmcmca

He was told to come as a biker. via /r/funny _AnDoS_

Dad Joke Dog via /r/funny Hafiz_Kafir

In Australia, we have our headline priorities right. via /r/funny Mat145

All I could think of when seeing Justin Bieber at the VMAs today. via /r/funny EmJay115

Who wore it better? via /r/funny TheBatmansOP

He's definitely plotting something via /r/funny RespectMyAuthoriteh

Friend just uploaded this to facebook... via /r/funny notabigblackguy

Sunday, August 30, 2015

My roommates mom asked him how college is going. He sent her this. via /r/funny seejay765

Failed panorama shot via /r/funny gandalfisadrugdealer

This way Bruce Willis... via /r/funny angrypotato1

Wait for it via /r/funny SPAWN__

It's all about perspective. via /r/funny Ralph-Hinkley

Ladies, we've been wearing it wrong this whole time. via /r/funny mightaswellchange

Now you're playing with portals via /r/funny RedditAuthority

Man survives polar bear attack. via /r/funny Derole

Sign outside a wine tasting bar in Napa via /r/funny Borderhopinmex

My boss didn't think this was funny. via /r/funny _lobster_

Let me show you something officer. via /r/funny Sippingin
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