Thursday, December 31, 2015

NPR gets it via /r/funny daltsteve

As a 34 year old man watching the bands on New Years Rockin' Eve via /r/funny Bad_Idea_Hat

Go ahead, grown-ass-man roommate... keep peeing on my floor.... And I'll keep using your bath towel to clean it up. via /r/funny Simon__Says

My new koozie is the best koozie. via /r/funny oldmanswar

Fight club via /r/funny Jakeh123

That time of year again via /r/funny TheLegend55

Dogs everywhere tonight via /r/funny w41sh

Perspectives on Chewbacca via /r/funny fakerchaos

Sipping on white tears via /r/funny Kmlkmljkl

Tumblr is at it again, people. via /r/funny morkfjellet

Wake up people via /r/funny kirbidurb

Google Fiber is coming to my city. Comcast is getting nervous. via /r/funny NotJoshLyman

Last chance to use this via /r/funny XXRelentless999

How i shagged your mother via /r/funny richa101

It's that time of the year again. via /r/funny honey_I_shot_the_kid

When you sleep through your alarm but realize your alarm never went off then realize you never set your alarm you just typed "8" into the calculator then passed out. via /r/funny CAGOCHI

My sticker does not agree with your mug via /r/funny paralaxe

Anything is possible via /r/funny xxUrbanNinjaxx

Teleturbans via /r/funny Stockman_

My favorite cosplay seen this year via /r/funny 9999monkeys

*tips helmet* via /r/funny TheOriginalCrossbeak

"I'm 87! I'll clap when there's something worth clapping for. via /r/funny uddin04

Just need a little nudge to get started... via /r/funny CharlieDarwin2

Decorations via /r/funny imTinyRick_

Passing this zoo sign, I start laughing but no one in my family seemed to get it at first. via /r/funny FeleciaBDana

This guy is an actual congressman in Russia via /r/funny maoiguy

I don't think the mug which I bought in India could be more relevant in any sense... via /r/funny knutolee

Florida Man does it again via /r/funny _Username_Required_

The negative space looks like a Canadian mountie. via /r/funny F-a-k-e

If he can do it, why your excuse? via /r/funny _Username_Required_

Same via /r/funny Timonator

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Day 5 of my brother and his gf eating clean via /r/funny ultramexicanman

The best princess. via /r/funny Phantom0591

He'll be back... via /r/funny Jay1013

When the clock strikes nein its... via /r/funny handicapped_hitler

Hey you, let's fight via /r/funny BigB69

I call dibs on the big house. via /r/funny Was_that_the_joke

Pigeonmoore via /r/funny Kurt_Wagner

This show via /r/funny redundantusername

Kitten has a bright idea via /r/funny natsdorf

Friend of mine passed me a note in 2nd grade, 16 years ago. Today I am cashing this note in. via /r/funny Dr-Monocle

Cooking with cats via /r/funny ASeriouswoMan

Asian Cupid via /r/funny v12a12

Drive it like you stole it. via /r/funny Ghostise

how I Rickrolled my vinyl collector friend IRL (X-post from r/vinyl) via /r/funny dream_logic

My new luggage tag via /r/funny Shark-Farts

Happening now. Should we go tell them? via /r/funny RenoGuy76

My grandmother owns a 1970's era "Gay Bob" [NSFW] [X-post from /r/WTF] via /r/funny LenniusCE

I saw my girlfriend's virtual spin instructor stare into my soul last night. via /r/funny RichardCamelot

Take a closer look via /r/funny Black-shadow
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