Sunday, January 31, 2016

Just doing my taxes when the internet Nazis came. via /r/funny ZoSoJake88

Fashion at my small town Canadian bar. [OC] via /r/funny shittersfull

This pregnant ferret looks like a ballsack via /r/funny AbsentMindedness

Future traffic stops via /r/funny 1210saad

My buddy's good grill broke. This is him grilling hotdogs. via /r/funny iAmWillyAmm

Ctrl+C. Ctrl+V, Ctrl+V, Ctrl+V... via /r/funny stoksyxl

How I imagine Texans making tea via /r/funny ThereIsNoCutlery

The zoo got a little too real today. via /r/funny DrMcninja89

I Know I've Seen That Face Before. via /r/funny Jaimeteca

The Life of a College Student via /r/funny trebien

Role reversal at its best via /r/funny Riddett

You came to the wrong neighborhood via /r/funny spainiana

Leo is getting real testy with the oscars getting closer via /r/funny superfoodtown

Ho, Ho, Ho... Ly Shit... via /r/funny Burkvest71

React via /r/funny Rushtush

Firefighters in Dubai haven't got time for your shit. via /r/funny dothash

This pretty much explains what Fine Bros are doing. via /r/funny JeffKnol

I always preferred the Disney version of Making a Murderer. via /r/funny PhoneySoprano

Top Gear has some of the best humour on Tv via /r/funny Scrotum_Aids

Boom. Headshot. via /r/funny batmanvjoker

I'm reeeaaally doubting this charger's safety guarantees. via /r/funny christianabiera

Not a nipple via /r/funny Explore_Uranus

Going hard on tinder. via /r/funny ghostbackwards

Three female college roommates...Found this on kitchen countertop via /r/funny archraider

choosing the movie via /r/funny JimKB

This guy used google autocomplete to fill in his online dating profile via /r/funny theboyjones

When your baby is born as a sith via /r/funny RuSSell4298

The ultimate pun via /r/funny Mancini1030

"Did I say you can stop?" via /r/funny namraka

Dorm life, yo. via /r/funny broadwayguru

Sticking To It via /r/funny SuperHappyGym

Cat knows how to get head rubs via /r/funny cakebeerandmorebeer

Honest mistake, I swear. via /r/funny Inspireflyy

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Mom you are embarrassing me via /r/funny notyouravrgd

Applying for new jobs via /r/funny WittyChico

Dog doesn't want to sleep in his cage via /r/funny cakebeerandmorebeer

It's the thought that counts. [x-post from r/facepalm] via /r/funny skiman224

When ever he's out of town for a couple of days he brings her back a present via /r/funny cakebeerandmorebeer

I like the nature, but... via /r/funny 2manyToys

A bar near my town framed their bathroom vandalism. via /r/funny eyeballshurt

when mom says dinner is ready via /r/funny batmanvjoker

They do know he was the villain, right? via /r/funny Doomlad

Can't get me lucky charms, pussy!! via /r/funny ImWithStupid_ImAlone

Warming via /r/funny PM_ME_LITHUANIANS

Whenever I have a cold via /r/funny Swiftchris4live

This is how my uncle is coming home, just the way he would have wanted. via /r/funny bmc5162

A modest plea... via /r/funny KanTheMan2134

My friend's t-shirt pocket via /r/funny idkbanana

Live Màs! via /r/funny fredbeatsethel

Be sneaking around in Fallout like... via /r/funny Exceon
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