Monday, February 29, 2016

My dad and his touching retirement email.... via /r/funny danibrin

This looks 10 times more entertaining than the tennis. via /r/funny CharlotteSpencer

More sad news via /r/funny ---_-_---_-_---

George Miller gave one simple order to make Mad Max awesome.... via /r/funny BlueSaber80

Excuse me! via /r/funny Trollsche

TRAIN VOMIT via /r/funny elviggity

Omg it's true! via /r/funny Kazziuz

The Search Begins via /r/funny exg

His arrival was foretold in ancient murals. via /r/funny Strike_Gently

great news via /r/funny JimKB

Black storm trooper via /r/funny PortraitofMisery

I just found where drunk me left my Friday night dinner via /r/funny Daswooshie46

showering in winter via /r/funny officerpupp

CCTV finally pays off via /r/funny kwebber321

Sometimes I wear my panda hat to work. This is what it looks like to everyone walking into the library. via /r/funny Everlogico

Today I'm buying my grandpa his first beer via /r/funny ACTTutor

I thought my triumphant return would never be overshadowed one had faith in me either. via /r/funny CakeDayLeapYear

According to Vatican law, this kid is now technically the pope via /r/funny drewsaysgoveg

Just makin a quick stop at the everything any price store via /r/funny Billith

This is the only thing my brother has favorited via /r/funny utracem

Proper way to store meat. via /r/funny fett4evr

Flight attendant on my gf's plane looks like he's about to announce some hunger games shit. via /r/funny logvikmich

Leonardo DiCaprio's worst nightmare via /r/funny SHITwrongHole

Let's check it again. via /r/funny iamalbus

Your name spelt backwards is... via /r/funny slix_88

"You have to buy the book" they said... via /r/funny Jazdawell

Leo sticking it to everyone. via /r/funny redditating_

This is how you capitalize on a bad situation via /r/funny Harmanizer

Remember to take precautions via /r/funny 3_Mighty_Ninja_Ducks

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Wtf..did he just..hmm.. via /r/funny Heffernan7

Good answer via /r/funny fat_dennings

Reddit right now via /r/funny bbfvr

I got remedies got a lot of remedies. via /r/funny ronton_soup_

Best Fire Fighter name ever! via /r/funny nigelolympia

In light of Mad Max's Oscar Wins.. via /r/funny TechFocused

I find your accusations to be offensive. via /r/funny I_Like_Your_Username

When you finally find the best scratching post via /r/funny Ropin

And the winner is... via /r/funny MeMyselfandBi

This needs to be reposted via /r/funny DustinC223

How to be a dick to your roommate via /r/funny Morty_Goldman

Outside a local gym. via /r/funny jmfinfrock

First day back to school... via /r/funny smorensamm

The face of a broken man via /r/funny mike_pants

That's a good analogy via /r/funny rightn0w_

Spotted under free on Craigslist Baltimore via /r/funny TheJoo52

Romanian tourism brochures from U.K. via /r/funny v4r4dinum

synchronized swimming via /r/funny Tjman99

I just noticed this about my mom via /r/funny Death_Machine_

Buddy of mine thought of a decent name for his moving service via /r/funny radatada

I really need this in my life via /r/funny TheAwsomeDane
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