Thursday, March 31, 2016

Painted this for my station. My clients haven't noticed yet. via /r/funny rumh4m

A note from Winston Churchill's doctor for alcohol during his trip to America during prohibition via /r/funny TapiocaTuesday

Well played, medical test via /r/funny Thats-right-Jay

Auto-correct goes for a Hail Mary. via /r/funny rdt0001

My friend's HKH20 with extended mag via /r/funny ocularis01

Alcoholocost via /r/funny yochimo

Sums up the logic behind 'scientific' Facebook posts via /r/funny where-ismymind

Well played Wal-Mart, well played. via /r/funny Electric_Evil

Dat field tho.. via /r/funny IDonalbain

Getting to the front page via /r/funny suckfail

Campus programs are getting interesting via /r/funny SpartyAJU

A little too accurate via /r/funny Carson325

True statement. via /r/funny philography

Goddamn Colorado! via /r/funny english_gritts

I think my pasta is about to suck my soul out via /r/funny moonsprite

Happy March 31st! via /r/funny N1ghtshade3

Response time via /r/funny TheTess

It's just ketchup, I swear via /r/funny alessa28

Monster Hunter via /r/funny husnaarzo

Luxury gold cars via /r/funny PM_ME_YOUR_TINY_BODY

Come on human do like this via /r/funny Rhareg

Today is the first repost of the rest of your life. via /r/funny TycoBrahe

OH NO via /r/funny JimKB

Hwat via /r/funny CoopDeDoop

Death by adorableness via /r/funny iohjrjsj

We were doing it wrong all along via /r/funny Powindahh

News interview with Big Ounce via /r/funny garretth10

My friend teaches fifth grade, and she was given this by a student today. This kid is going places. via /r/funny SomeObscureNerdCrap

The 50's were a much simpler time... via /r/funny Colin_Johnathan252

Nice try, deadly poison. via /r/funny kabukistar

My friend won a raffle via /r/funny phi186

The woman's evil knows no bounds. via /r/funny rlrhino7

Public Indecency via /r/funny husnaarzo

When the hunter becomes the hunted via /r/funny RespectMyAuthoriteh

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Now this is fashion via /r/funny ThisIsAntwon

Forever Young! via /r/funny xxxRon

Happy birthday grandpa via /r/funny SlimJones123

Well shit.. via /r/funny The_Yakuza

Troublesome choice of shirt via /r/funny ISwedishCarl

I can't wait for the day I can say this via /r/funny Wtf_breh

Fan letter via /r/funny Demidici

Well *I've* never found one... via /r/funny Calamitosity

Whoppers via /r/funny chuckleoctopus

Talk about irony via /r/funny crazy93nis

Times are tough for the U.S. military. via /r/funny ThereW0LF

A friend on Facebook shared this slide from her class. The difference between urban, suburban, and rural. via /r/funny jasonreid1976

Supa fly via /r/funny Dbash123

Every. Damn. Morning via /r/funny temul

Awesome putt! via /r/funny F-Branch

The Substitute via /r/funny TheVeryNearFuture
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