Saturday, April 30, 2016

And that should just about do it... via /r/funny habeeb51

DIY nightlight via /r/funny DustinC223

For all the girls saying they wish they lived in the past.. via /r/funny Granmomma_Bammer

The versatility of a great actor via /r/funny Chard1n

Hide and seek champ. via /r/funny Foxkeh

Truth in advertising via /r/funny JEWPACOLYPSE

There is a contest to name a mother goose that has taken up residence at the state capitol, and these are the submitted names. via /r/funny You_Otter_Know_It

Best Amazon Q&A Ever via /r/funny FBAHobo

I wonder... via /r/funny arrogantmind

Gas prices are falling via /r/funny silence_hr

Someone wants to fuck my truck via /r/funny bangmanator

Am I Cute or Not? Ooooh!!!! via /r/funny pushmeup

Guy in my neighborhood helping passersby out via /r/funny 08rs4

Trying for a second kid, this is my response to my wife night after night. via /r/funny kalamityd

These pet rocks are raised in miserable, overcrowded conditions via /r/funny moogmania

What a goal!! via /r/funny pushmeup

Kicking it old school via /r/funny rituq

Special parking spot via /r/funny silence_hr

South African drivers obeying their traffic laws. via /r/funny Voicy

My nephew was asked to wave for his uncle... via /r/funny afromonster3000

Nice set of chrome rims. via /r/funny ilovebigplanes

Transgender Bathroom via /r/funny offandthenonagain

Welcome to Australia. via /r/funny Bradalz1

John Oliver with Steven Hawking via /r/funny Disco_Junkie

The Princess Bride - NOW WITH PUPPIES! via /r/funny 2dreviews

Good question, better answer. via /r/funny Pioneer411

Second Best Amazon Review Ever via /r/funny McSkatKat

I thought my life was alright untill i saw this guy via /r/funny olwaf

Friday, April 29, 2016

Proud parent via /r/funny _nutmeg

"Excuse me sir, your house is in my way" via /r/funny cakebeerandmorebeer

Best amazon review ever via /r/funny ninjapig123

Even the Heineken was a nice touch. via /r/funny capcodes

No more Legos 😢 via /r/funny 907KUSHBOY

My father-in-law accidentally left his pedometer in his pants pocket and it went through the wash. [OC] via /r/funny Krogg

My sign of april via /r/funny bmwbaby

CONFIRMED: Susan Sarandon and Geena Davies are immortal! via /r/funny cualcrees

Investing your retirement wisely via /r/funny Severnator

Humans via /r/funny Sical1992

Woah! via /r/funny RespectMyAuthoriteh

Stay safe out there! via /r/funny foggydogg

An actual health insurance question via /r/funny moosaid_thecow

The legendary Ron Jeremy via /r/funny OliverBrodersen

Co-workers via /r/funny onloanfromgod

Secret Message via /r/funny myemptytree

Can't argue with this logic.. via /r/funny anndi18

Yo Atticus, where u at? via /r/funny el_chacal

Where will you be when debt hits? via /r/funny Barnitz

Some girls send their boyfriends nudes. I get these. via /r/funny fantafano

My friend Willie took our Spirit Week's "Throwback Thursday" a bit too seriously via /r/funny daroush10

Scott Sterling in his younger days. via /r/funny LordMorio
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