Thursday, June 30, 2016

My favorite comic since age 10.. . Larson just gets me via /r/funny sureshot182

The Perfect Cannonball via /r/funny SilentEdge

So cold via /r/funny razumasu

Random comic generator at its best via /r/funny Wallyhunt

Panda via /r/funny cheekyasian

His face is priceless via /r/funny IvanAd-Center

Pushing the limits of innuendo on "Are You Being Served?" via /r/funny rusy

This dog just showed up to PetSmart and asked to speak to the manager. via /r/funny supertweak54

Fun facts at the flower shop. via /r/funny theleverage

That's rape though via /r/funny DeyHateUsCuzDeyAnus

Honest Craigslist Ad: 2001 Dodge Viper via /r/funny ecafsub

Subreddit Of The Month [June 2016]: /r/unfortunateplacement, "(Un)fortunate Ad Placement". Know of a small (under 10,000 subscribers) humor-based subreddit that deserves a month in the spotlight? Link it inside! via /r/funny funny_mod

Cleaning lady broke my charger, then rubbed it in for good measure. via /r/funny thefrogboy

This man has a holster for his Tobasco sauce. via /r/funny tdastru

Not sure the wife understands what freezer bags are for... via /r/funny ievenreddittedthis

I left some fake animal facts at the L.A. Zoo via /r/funny obviousplant

This horse should probably consider a different career... via /r/funny dick-nipples

Banana PD!! via /r/funny exg

Every few years Tom Hanks plays a slightly more serious Captain. via /r/funny robinson217

Cats are assholes via /r/funny northshore12

Heard a drug deal going down and look up to see a very unwilling participant via /r/funny fidy8830

Britain in nutshell via /r/funny afkie

Where Randy Macho Man Savage used to get his tires via /r/funny gynoceros

A good Halloween costume is made entirely by hand... via /r/funny Nick0077

I couldn't stop giggling at her new "flower" dress. via /r/funny C-hip

Okay that's enough news for today... via /r/funny ZeZioZ

My girlfriend got revenge on a serial food thief. via /r/funny porialex

Opening the oven to check your pizza. via /r/funny Serialnarcisist

High amount of wat on this one via /r/funny pibroch

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Wife didn't appreciate this. Thought you guys may. via /r/funny Remri

Bird sleeps where he wants to sleep via /r/funny owg123

Oh god, oh god, OH GOD. (Xpost from r/instant_regret) via /r/funny allancaesar

My inclination would be to stick with using a volleyball, but they're the experts via /r/funny AllezCannes

He's got my vote via /r/funny ArkadiusBear

Ryan Reynolds on skydiving via /r/funny theKerriey

Stay safe. Don't be "that guy" this weekend. via /r/funny TheTeamClinton

Upside down via /r/funny lilzmoez

Before you hit next, the horse is wearing glasses. via /r/funny ramanmunday

German Engineering. via /r/funny RagingAcid

The Lanister Cousin via /r/funny Thowitaway83

the more I wattch it the more I laugh via /r/funny TheStrumbella

Right in the ding ding! via /r/funny Anorexmon

Unexpected menu items. via /r/funny chrismsx

I, too, have held that position. via /r/funny Jorogasm

relatable via /r/funny gootermen

Save money by using the same actor! via /r/funny Llim

Looks like Sam didn't make the cut at the Citadel via /r/funny path0gen

My new favorite insult. via /r/funny Zigzaglife

Exactly via /r/funny el_programmer

Furious Deer 😐 via /r/funny ZestyMN
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