Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Hate to see her go, but love to watch her leave via /r/funny talie-ho

Yak Flip via /r/funny emoposer

When people from work ask me what my plans are for the Labor Day weekend. via /r/funny norse_chieftain

Campbell's is savage AF via /r/funny TheSonOfPrince

God Hates Figs. via /r/funny Futurist110

Before and after the first day of school via /r/funny boobafett13

Overtaken by a bicycle via /r/funny OprahsButtCrack

I made a book of "magic spells" and left it in a metaphysical shop via /r/funny obviousplant

We decided to make our own Fantasy Football trophy this weekend. via /r/funny unicronprincezz

Suddenly, on Google Maps, I started questioning my plans for this Arizona road trip. via /r/funny uspn

Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha via /r/funny 56k_

When your class of 300 is full of Memers via /r/funny Haiku71

Sometimes the world needs a Hero... via /r/funny shaunsanders

Cold cut via /r/funny MrLovens

Every Single Job Interview via /r/funny BrokenMayonaisse

All I want is a girl to look at me the way this girl looks at pizza. via /r/funny LinuxPoser

The Future Is Now via /r/funny isaynonowords

This banana looks exactly like my mom's dog via /r/funny vansebastian

Almost... via /r/funny ShirePony

Fiancée tried to make doughnuts but added too much batter. I introduce to you, the muffnut. via /r/funny auballs

cop drama via /r/funny velabas

I can't talk to you via /r/funny Teck_deck_dude_000

The most ineffective anti-smoking ad ever via /r/funny IndyBrodaSolo

How exotic! via /r/funny ReachTheSky

My toddler said she finished her veggies... via /r/funny kiky23

Amish People via /r/funny Nollyx

Thank God via /r/funny sandulori

What about a TV channel just for news? via /r/funny 7Finger

Found at my local community center. Dated at 3/19/94. via /r/funny pokecobes

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

I want someone to look at me the way these cats look at food via /r/funny emoposer

Motherhood is great they said. via /r/funny askmeanything-_-

I told My daughter's boyfriend he had to take pictures with me as well. Absolutely priceless. I really bring out his eyes.... via /r/funny Emaildelacruz

Misunderstandings via /r/funny diversion876

Wake up, people! via /r/funny Jorion

Guess what, 2016. We're still around! via /r/funny _TheChainsOfMarkov_

A church posted pics of their baptisms. This was my favourite. via /r/funny Dbash123

Photography magic! via /r/funny ufmystic

My first four leaf clover... via /r/funny The_First_Wolf

Snackman casually breaks up a fight on a subway. via /r/funny ASAmd

Stupid Geese via /r/funny Escobar97

A ripped version of my comic was just front page - here it is in high res! (Plus some others) OC via /r/funny nathanwpyle

Teach a Man to Fish via /r/funny MrWeiner

Just need a little nudge to get started... via /r/funny CharlieDarwin2

She's playing a game where she works at an ice cream store while working at an ice cream store. via /r/funny mountingso

This is like the explanation of every. fucking. dog ever via /r/funny bluekitdon

Show Your Thinking via /r/funny jennycallsmebelly

So, my friend got a bit confused with the bib.. via /r/funny shaky2236

So Snapchat face swap works on imaginary faces too via /r/funny Pukkadurbz

Came in a little too hot on the landing.... via /r/funny MikeyMcLikey

The Sun needs to chill out. via /r/funny mobilenew1
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