Friday, September 30, 2016

Someone got laid! via /r/funny mista_awesomeness

There you go via /r/funny Minifig81

So Cold... via /r/funny RadioBirdmen

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No text found via /r/funny funny_mod

Wrong Number via /r/funny vas_95

how to fail your breathalyzer test via /r/funny enelprinceofthemoon

your forelimb pleases me, peasant. please continue to scratch my belly via /r/funny enelprinceofthemoon

pick up lines via /r/funny dogismywitness

You're a wizard harry via /r/funny ehtasham111

Satan bakes some cinnamon buns via /r/funny AliceInMindPalace

That'll teach her to skip school!! via /r/funny Jawf1sh

My cousin's Spanish test today via /r/funny Prof_Creepers

Hate Clowns? Want to make a difference? via /r/funny Cradle2BanHammer

The least sexy college in America via /r/funny Quaestorian_Guard

They are lying about tobacco via /r/funny javer1286

Best police report I've ever read. via /r/funny DopeAssNinja

A funny moment from one of the best shows... via /r/funny _Totally_Not_FBI_

My phone is a asshole. via /r/funny faith_full

So, I picked up my dog from daycare... via /r/funny ranchlow

When you are high af and try to be quiet getting back in the house. via /r/funny lord_dude

Have you had to walk 500 miles? via /r/funny xMeta4x

Construction workers take the hard hat challenge via /r/funny SlimJones123

If you zoom in super close... you can see my dog shitting in the left corner via /r/funny Zoitrope

Low IQ & A via /r/funny spencermoreland

Superhero problems via /r/funny Tenator

Wells Fargo employee opening customer ghost accounts via /r/funny pope-on-the-internet

You're not gonna get a post title from me via /r/funny jasmeek2001

Thursday, September 29, 2016

When your home improvement project doesn't turn out as planned. via /r/funny thisshitisbananas69

Stall at my local petsmart via /r/funny Powindahh

There's always that one guy in the gym via /r/funny dustofoblivion123

Invasive Species via /r/funny MrWeiner

Inspirational via /r/funny THATFUCKINGPOLISH

Not sure if a repost... But I'm sure we can all relate.. via /r/funny synced-up

Bop it! via /r/funny SerendipitouslySane

Those fucking updates via /r/funny spelunky420

That's the last time I let him drive. via /r/funny boop66

Fuck you I am a giraffe via /r/funny sloth79

100% attendance record. via /r/funny Dankaay

Buckle up, we're about to go on a trip via /r/funny ChristianComa

Playground parkour via /r/funny SlimJones123

Please do not expand the list via /r/funny parthjoshi09

Clouds via /r/funny JiveMonkey

In my day, our Pepe just committed interspecies sexual assault via /r/funny BoloBouncer

Game of Thrones - What Sam's actually been up to! via /r/funny 1Walshk

What if I told you... via /r/funny clowns_will_eat_me

Austrian roadworkers blow up a wheelbarrow via /r/funny moojj

"Beware of the dog" via /r/funny 4Christophe

Water Bottle - Shrug via /r/funny nirvanna94

Real Life Lag via /r/funny theraidparade

In Bruges via /r/funny Gedogfx
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