Wednesday, November 30, 2016

The last one is my spirit animal via /r/funny bytester

Jennifer Lawrence is awesome via /r/funny whatsausernamefor

Free loads and spends money on tobacco instead of food via /r/funny brad2575

Local news was talking about Rogue One and used a poster that has Jar Jar photoshopped onto all of the characters via /r/funny claudiolemos

adult friendships via /r/funny nathanwpyle

This happened over Thanksgiving [oc] via /r/funny dustinteractive

There's always another side to all stories via /r/funny rault18

Am I to understand... via /r/funny Javaman420

PASTA! via /r/funny MayTheBananaBeWithYo

When the traffic makes you question if you really are a good boy... via /r/funny ArkadiusBear

Local doggie daycare learned a valuable lesson about leaving a Roomba in the reception area. via /r/funny jacksonkeirmclean

Truly inspirational via /r/funny iniflonra

Alternative lawbreaking via /r/funny TisHyde

"Can you not leave your beard trimmings in the sink?" via /r/funny Sleep_Debt

Cat-ling Gun...! via /r/funny account3zou

He saw his chance and he took it via /r/funny SlimJones123

Jeez Minnie! via /r/funny Lyrixon

I need you to blow that deer's head off! via /r/funny juggilinjnuggala

The only person we should be focused on bringing home for the holidays... via /r/funny Kretic13

They've gone too far this time via /r/funny omgfrontpage

The Best Picture Ever Created via /r/funny SantasMachete

not sure it's the right subreddit via /r/funny Bysbo

Which websites has this Islamic cleric been browsing? (This is real, btw) via /r/funny natezomby

No amount of cold water can heal this via /r/funny ToxicPineapple99

Learning how to drive a stick via /r/funny KorbenD2263

How most of us feel lately I think. via /r/funny Jackson530

Life without porn via /r/funny ShotsGotFired

When you reach the bottom of the Doritos bag and it's pure flavoring via /r/funny marmz1

Fresh off the grill steak looking boy via /r/funny Caseychase

Swan of a bitch via /r/funny animal_time

Savage via /r/funny boyotch76

Poor Gingerbread Man via /r/funny Kawaii_Desu-Chan

This guy loves his job via /r/funny saiyed9974

Our refrigerator died, the next morning my 11 y.o. told me check the fridge the milk went bad..this is what i found. via /r/funny Laurendonahue7

Thank god! via /r/funny isaynonowords

Told amazon customer support that I was in a hurry because my son was ready for bed. Then it got weird. via /r/funny WaltsBeard

This older generation....always on their phones *shakes head* via /r/funny RogerSmith123456

Here's the problem Captain... via /r/funny JoeinJapan

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Based on a 1995 study by 2Pac and Dr. Dre via /r/funny D_Tro

No thanks via /r/funny Iris_361

Accidental Snow White Cosplay via /r/funny Ayrane

Testing out Nokia's new TV via /r/funny ArkadiusBear

Sled dog has the runs via /r/funny snotbag_pukebucket

I see your wife cable opening skills and raise you my girlfriend's avocado cutting skills. via /r/funny no_sam

My dad likes to get up to hijinks when left alone via /r/funny HeliumTankAW

A true form of evil (x-post from Doodles) via /r/funny aunt_marge

Watch the foreground via /r/funny Smilodon-Fatalis

Just a massive penguin battle via /r/funny fraazam

2017 is going to be much better! via /r/funny m3tald3m0n

This is how my wife decided to unpack her new cable via /r/funny ThavinceGene
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