Sunday, December 31, 2017

Accidentally googled Mass effect ansari instead of asari. Wasn't dissapointed. via /r/funny Luutamo

Asking the real questions via /r/funny ajyoung4045

Happy New Year, children! via /r/funny BMFC

It's that time of year again... via /r/funny colebette

Did they get a sex change as well? via /r/funny Jollyolfun

This plane is departing from New Zealand in 2018, will land in Hawaii in 2017. via /r/funny esberat

From a sell-and-swap Facebook group. via /r/funny alliterator85

The Real MVPs via /r/funny spmurcs

Grateful via /r/funny Mod_Lang

Lyft drivers doing anything for 5 stars via /r/funny OP_Giddy

She doesn't understand how he does it via /r/funny D5R

Further proof toddlers are just tiny, drunk adults via /r/funny Glori94

Kumail Nanjiani got no chill via /r/funny SigmarBergmann

Fuck the police via /r/funny Stoopkidnahmean

It's already 2018 here in Asia. Happy New Year Reddit! via /r/funny 9999monkeys

New Years Eve via /r/funny makenzie71

Just saying. via /r/funny sadbhd1

Officer I'm not drunk. The truck is. via /r/funny Loveinthemud

Ahh the things you find working in a bakery via /r/funny Awwwwq

The calm before the storm....... via /r/funny Anthonym82

Amazon Prime via /r/funny FireninjaDD

Playing Like A Pro! via /r/funny Potter_Harry_Potter

Homer Simpson via /r/funny berserkJoeReddit

The horror of taking kids places via /r/funny Mr_pattybean

How to not get arrested via /r/funny edups-401

She's too drunk to notice via /r/funny D5R

WTF? via /r/funny Nihiltheman

SEA IS FOR COOKIE via /r/funny styder11

...Nothing. via /r/funny spmurcs

My dog looks like she’s a floating head via /r/funny kingwillie71

Nic Cage at Walgreens in the tampon isle via /r/funny MindOfJigsaw

Please give me an "I" via /r/funny J_Man2743

Saturday, December 30, 2017

5 Plastic Army Men Least Useful In Combat via /r/funny StoneLemons

You can only see it once via /r/funny gamerjv

We don't deserve dogs via /r/funny Momzadork24

My gf got me this ridiculous mug for Christmas via /r/funny basketbowl

When you just dont know. via /r/funny shareef11

What is The Rock’s ONLY weakness? via /r/funny infinitospirito

God made us in a gay way! via /r/funny DumbassJ

How it all started via /r/funny SPACEKRAKENX

It's not the size, but how you use it! via /r/funny TouchMyJunk

The bench makes it look like this guy grew a mullet halfway thru his workout via /r/funny Mc237269

This is the worst reboot of Power Rangers yet via /r/funny angelskiss2007

Don't come to my house wearing that shirt. via /r/funny Loveinthemud

We need to talk. via /r/funny Hostilenemy

My friends have a twisted sense of humor. via /r/funny fosh1zzle

Notice board via /r/funny fuckin_wot_m8

The Universe is expanding so does her hair. via /r/funny Breannatalcup

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger via /r/funny Sheephurrrdurrr

When your parents tell you to get a “proper job” via /r/funny DandyWilkins
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