Friday, March 31, 2017

The best part of waking up. via /r/funny sakodak

I would have put a few points on walking... via /r/funny Nightspade

TEXT ON MATT'S FACE via /r/funny Apostjustforthis

I think I'm witnessing a drug deal. I mean who the hell carries their pizza like that? via /r/funny SoundGuyJake

Time to rethink your brand name. via /r/funny PartyOnAlec

This hits home way too hard via /r/funny __DeadFool____

My brother said his girlfriend is coming over. Placing these items on his bed should make up for the beatings I took as a kid. via /r/funny BitcoinBalance

Alcohol vs. Marijuana via /r/funny MayaJacob

Puppy guilt trip via /r/funny TCUfroggy

Doggo on the web via /r/funny benfutech

Boys and Girls via /r/funny Ash_raf

Atlanta already replaced the damage on I-85. It's a little aggressive. via /r/funny tenillusions

Chubby raccoon dumpster struggle. via /r/funny PM_ME_STEAM_K3YS

Expert level beer pong via /r/funny mybustersword

look closer via /r/funny morganwade

Ed Sheeran's diet tip via /r/funny iLucky12

Uncle Ben(s), nooooo! via /r/funny Turdferguson55

Happy Meetings Day via /r/funny elliot91

Meanwhile in Australia, the situation grows dire. via /r/funny FutureLizard

This classic Gary Larson Far Side comic via /r/funny S-WordoftheMorning

Truly man's best friend via /r/funny MrWonanother

Bollywood perfecting the art of the superhero film via /r/funny DEP61

Solving domestic violence, for good. via /r/funny Dingo_shark

Stephen King's IT via /r/funny redditor-for-2-hours

Remain calm sir! via /r/funny PopeXIII

Jaw dropping via /r/funny Adopted_Fellow

Thursday, March 30, 2017

So much deception. via /r/funny attheisstt

Don't fuck with Hitcat via /r/funny raheemz

Horsing around via /r/funny SlimJones123

Each booth is an alternate reality. via /r/funny turkletom

An older gentleman came into my office this morning and asked if I wanted to see a picture of his "pride and joy". via /r/funny imperfect5outof7

Ermergerd, dern't perk here via /r/funny gazel916

Physics at its finest via /r/funny Uberrrr

Universal cat trap via /r/funny RobertC_Johansen

The Walking Debt via /r/funny TrippyWentLucio

My friend in Tennessee knows how to prepare via /r/funny Whoshabooboo

Can You do it via /r/funny Ash_raf

It's a tough job but somebody has to chew it via /r/funny mybustersword

This is the most accurate comic that has ever existed via /r/funny KENYADIGG1T

This actually made me laugh via /r/funny WhatUpCorgiButt

Skyrim skills Irl via /r/funny treebob07

The annual tumbleweed migration via /r/funny iLucky12

Dark humor is best humor. via /r/funny technetiumdinosaur

Tinder. Sigh... via /r/funny KeiyzoTheKink

Artist shows how to repackage stuff to appeal to hipsters. via /r/funny polepoleyaya

Hold up y'all ! via /r/funny Bijintenshi

That drunk friend. via /r/funny chevcheli0s

Go home Netflix, you're drunk! via /r/funny StupidSloth

Ever trolled a doctor? via /r/funny mattyfarina

Trampoline Exercise Class via /r/funny Betty421
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