Sunday, April 30, 2017

He's ready. via /r/funny johnahreah

Me and a friend made an Earth Sandwich! via /r/funny KILO_I

Freakazoid: An underrated classic via /r/funny seth1299

This magnificent picture has been hanging in my public library for years. via /r/funny rexbry

My girlfriend's parents both have BMW's their driveway and this is their toilet paper via /r/funny zacowen120

It really is. via /r/funny bjjawhar

Eurobeat intensifies via /r/funny coolman10011

My mother is law is from Honduras. In Spanish this makes sense. via /r/funny aashav0n

An Elegant First Pitch via /r/funny TiffanyEastman

Living the dream! via /r/funny bnikesch

Animaniacs was the best via /r/funny seth1299

Shenanigans via /r/funny GUI_Center

They're worse than rats. via /r/funny adanipse

Moose fixes headlight via /r/funny Jmillerdude

This still has to be the best reactions to a lucky throw via /r/funny rebecca233

Dog humour is brutal via /r/funny digdilem

"Only a worthy can sit next to me" via /r/funny RandyWood

Real friends get in the deepest crap with you via /r/funny folkov

When you lock your mum out of the car after she has put the groceries in the back. via /r/funny keef2000

"I don't know why hoomans like coffee it tastes like something belongs to my bathroom" via /r/funny JonJxv

It's amazing how far the human race has come. via /r/funny Dark_oak

Google translate is a little glitchy via /r/funny BrightenthatIdea

"Everyone" via /r/funny Dark_oak

I knew it! via /r/funny Nkb615

God don't got time for your whining bullshit! via /r/funny TRobichaux

Perfect for orange juice... via /r/funny AlisonBacon

Don't we all? via /r/funny Rubytaiwan

You should try it. via /r/funny Prolificvisions

Beautiful words. via /r/funny poopydiaper999

Anakin please via /r/funny JF_112

Stay classy Chicago via /r/funny TheDanimal8888

Would not be my 1st choice of window via /r/funny ausmin

i'm a good boy, but don't push me. via /r/funny Mshoaibsaleem

MIB predicted kim K via /r/funny Dark_oak

Don't tell me how to raise my child via /r/funny GodOfAtheism

Grandpas in the future be like via /r/funny etiks

your MOM on kisscam via /r/funny SchnoodleDoodleDo

It's as good a time as any via /r/funny Rubytaiwan

Saturday, April 29, 2017

What a lovely server via /r/funny TheUserHasNoName1

Dog fails to perform any scientific research via /r/funny jpSmoker

If tarantulas could wear pants, which way would they wear them? via /r/funny Amigara_Horror

Sure, you're goth, but are you dejectedly riding the subway with your raven goth? via /r/funny twoholepunchman

Trying to take a picture with 23 baby pandas via /r/funny MariaFernandesMartin

Don't assume... via /r/funny ChristianeCaraway

Pretty much explains my life via /r/funny _LookWhatYouveDone_

Me neither... via /r/funny Amimakinganysense

There's the right way to ride a hover board, then there's this way. via /r/funny WhatTheFoxtrout

Never forget. via /r/funny Loopus1620

What house would you belong to? I found this behind my office via /r/funny tiatiaaa89

Wendy can be pretty brutal! via /r/funny nightshade_7
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