Wednesday, May 31, 2017

It's the little things via /r/funny hindey19

Wow, sounds like my kinda party via /r/funny JennixAnn

Cats via /r/funny poochcute

My father in law(73) and mother in law(70) went on a cruise a few weeks ago. This was their embarkation photo. via /r/funny 06EXTN

Bubble gum via /r/funny Thereasione

Every time I upgrade my PC via /r/funny GregorCZ

Bubbles via /r/funny csomgopher

I saw something punny the other day via /r/funny drewcran

Sailing into the open water via /r/funny SlimJones123

This is what happens when you forget your work badge at home. via /r/funny FlyingOstrich69

Ready.......FIGHT! via /r/funny Quapig

Now that's a carpool lane via /r/funny SNsilver

It's the simple things.. via /r/funny Yeah_righto_mate

The Trifecta via /r/funny Ignited22

My girlfriend sent this to me to cheer me up - Finding Emo. via /r/funny ExtremeWindyGuy

This kid is going places. Probably back to the orphanage...but places. via /r/funny Molon_x_Labe

What your fingerprints say about you. via /r/funny Clindox

Hard work at school vs. hard work at work via /r/funny goshimtired

This is so metal...... via /r/funny Behernkorf

Shit happens via /r/funny namraka

The Tables have Turned via /r/funny VarysIsAMermaid69

Stoner dog via /r/funny jurgs63

That's an interesting name for a barber shop via /r/funny junttiana

Spaghetti via /r/funny drshaba7

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

My parents new cat was being super cuddly with me this morning whenever I went near the kitchen. Eventually found this. via /r/funny Stokholmusic101

This drawing is meant to show a guy that hides his feelings. To me, it looks like he is thinking about some sad kid and laughing his ass off. via /r/funny Kytetsu

Kale via /r/funny mack3r

Progressive via /r/funny rsriprac

Now I understand why American Bald Eagles are always photographed from the side. via /r/funny thehumanlank

And they said college would be harder than high school... via /r/funny Stanely_1

This geek meme gets me every time. via /r/funny Digitek50

Why carry a gun, when you can have virtual one anywhere. via /r/funny sidshembekar

Time changes everything... via /r/funny Icon47

He's in it to win it via /r/funny manu30kaur

A sign outside of a restaurant in Europe via /r/funny Go_Habs_Go31

Show me a better headline... via /r/funny Panasonsick

Things have gone wrong somewhere. via /r/funny Graham_2

Get off my plane! via /r/funny chevcheli0s

Am I a train?! via /r/funny Deejayscience

Downside to Home Renovation Shows via /r/funny Xtyphen

When the prank goes better than expected. via /r/funny just_a_bitta_bance

When mankind unites, great things can be achieved via /r/funny SlimJones123

When you accidentally open a new window instead of new tab on firefox via /r/funny avnow8

My friend's daughter made him a birthday card. via /r/funny sayblacktrees

Be aware kids, drop bears are real. via /r/funny lessons_learnt

There are two kinds of people in this world... via /r/funny FrankieB86

Cheddar was drugged up at the vet the other day via /r/funny comaga

Oh uhhh hey. via /r/funny petesmageats

Smart! via /r/funny MsDyn0mite

Monday, May 29, 2017

Calculator is accurate AF via /r/funny bloodylipservice
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