Thursday, August 31, 2017

Sometimes I eat my wife's candy. Today she hid it from me; in the plate cabinet, where I get my plates from, every meal. via /r/funny rpboutdoors2

SHAMED!!! via /r/funny jseyfer

Kid fist bumps passengers as he boards the plane via /r/funny -N3ptun3-

Subreddit Of The Month [September 2017]: /r/onionheadlines. Know of a small (under 20,000 subscribers) humor-based subreddit that deserves a month in the spotlight? Link it inside! via /r/funny funny_mod

When you run out of things to talk about. via /r/funny thelonelydiode

The coolest dog in the world has been spotted on a train in Queens via /r/funny upanup

For the girls that wonder what it's like to have a penis... via /r/funny test_tickles

Alpaca vs. Llama via /r/funny obviousplant

I see what you did there via /r/funny Alkaizen

Damnit Steve via /r/funny JF_112

Average Texan. Starting tomorrow. via /r/funny RogueSpartan

What is happening?! via /r/funny DrunkenEye

Joel Olsteen's thoughts on Harvey via /r/funny Colinski282

This girl at the gas station behind me - Should I tell her the evidence she got busy last night is on her hood??? via /r/funny SuperDuper_88

Clever girl. via /r/funny hate_mail

Spidey's always being left out via /r/funny lnsomniacGamers

The rare caterpillar via /r/funny wtf81

OG Kernel via /r/funny ImHereToFuckWithYou_

Malcolm in the Middle via /r/funny mike_pants

Joel’s Ark via /r/funny iBu11et

Local traffic sign getting a little snappy. via /r/funny mChan15

Footwear... via /r/funny unixwizzard

Die plant, die via /r/funny OlivierDeCarglass

💀 via /r/funny ktotherispy

Nice save. via /r/funny Apostjustforthis

Awhile ago I posted about how while I was drunk I ordered 100 tiny top hats for my toad.. Meet my new little guy looking quite dapper! No regrets. via /r/funny Alicatscat

The only shelter Joel Osteen really cares about via /r/funny spicedpumpkins

Devils vs. Balrogs via /r/funny jbird221

Thanks to all who helped without having to be shamed into it. via /r/funny 2afault

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

The hero Texas deserves. via /r/funny Kiefanator

Let's stick with "restaurants that sound like sex acts" for 800$ Alex via /r/funny Surgikull

It helps to talk about it via /r/funny vigilandy1

A direct hit via /r/funny JF_112

Have you ever realized how the trapezius of a bodybuilder looks like a skinny person coming out of a muscular body? via /r/funny lucasfluiz

Funny Back to School Pic via /r/funny cts216

Smoking is good for the environment because it kills humans via /r/funny bitititititikoin

Brian fucked up bad this time via /r/funny HeeroAdams

Think we've been doing it wrong our whole life via /r/funny HnapchatSacker

Distracted by the message via /r/funny namraka

I can't look at Joel Osteen without seeing... via /r/funny PerseusPotter

I'll take "Restaurant names that sound like sex acts" for $400, Alex via /r/funny ladywindermere

My doggo isn't totally convinced with the makeshift lap I made for him to sit on while I'm gone. via /r/funny Unoiseau

Centaurs: Problematic via /r/funny SubMikeD

Too soon? via /r/funny notfunnyname

Selfie! via /r/funny Frogman417

Hail Satan via /r/funny Chubako61

No, no im sorry they are all mine! via /r/funny dreadmoore_

Applies to me (biggest of the time). via /r/funny Mariangelin

His son wanted a switch for his birthday via /r/funny gaydotaer

Elon Musk changing the definition of SAVAGE via /r/funny Drunk__Batman
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