Saturday, September 30, 2017

Someone just screamed "SINNER!" at me as they drove by. via /r/funny dukenheim

Been there via /r/funny JDoObs187

Leopard Spotted In London via /r/funny TheShiroNinja

Dad and Son Show off Their Smackdown Moves via /r/funny fortysevenbank

My friend stumbled across a field of iguanas... only one song would do via /r/funny TheRealMaseCatt

Tried to take a selfie at JFK. Caught this gem before I could figure out how to reverse the cam. via /r/funny sumthininteresting

There are 2 types of men: The Playboy and The Prayboy via /r/funny miasto

It's the evolution of any freedom really via /r/funny saidditt

I got caught taking a 'Boyfriends of Instagram' photo. via /r/funny toolemeister

Oh this dancing otter! via /r/funny Cheshnotes

Sharing your opinion on reddit via /r/funny rudelycorrectingyou

He's not alone via /r/funny Imaganar63

Don't wanna peel that sticker off via /r/funny Themidgetchicken

Totally misjudged that. via /r/funny roberthunicorn

And behind door number one... via /r/funny dakrmna

I tought it was a normal picture at first... via /r/funny MavigoYT

Guns in video games don't make you agressive. This does. via /r/funny toms2704

1 out of every 3 snakes ... via /r/funny sellingspams

I forgot her name, Google did exactly what I wanted. via /r/funny Aetorvus

This post is going nowhere via /r/funny Paladia

When your backup plan has a subtle flaw via /r/funny nkomo33

I asked my girlfriend how badly her screen was cracked after she dropped her phone... she sent this via /r/funny dsubpo

I feel your pain via /r/funny hopefulpenguin

Friday, September 29, 2017

This sign in a Minneapolis liquor store via /r/funny tttturophile

Bees? I like em a little. I don't like em a lot. via /r/funny jaykirsch

"secret" service via /r/funny Swagman420justblaze

Finally it all makes sense now via /r/funny Sainify

It was his moment to shine via /r/funny AsheThrasher

Facts via /r/funny TalkSickMind

My brother and i started a new thing where we "skittle" each other, he was so confused why his camera wasnt turning on lol, get skittled fool! via /r/funny Th0r23

The Stress Is Getting To Him via /r/funny DoubleclickEB

Making the most out of a red light via /r/funny D5R

My local vet office is ready for fall via /r/funny StesnieMoore

Do Not He he he via /r/funny FariaJahangeer

Almost. via /r/funny Sabroan_

Apple via /r/funny jman583

Students were asking this professor if his shirt is missing a 2nd part. X-post from r/pics via /r/funny IonBaby

Bender is wise via /r/funny dann1366

Hippo Juggernaut via /r/funny saaucii

"Can you make this more romantic?" via /r/funny mike_pants

Make up your mind via /r/funny MrLovens

Will you use a normal urinal like a coward or will you take the journey of legends? The choice is yours. via /r/funny vGriizly

don't worry via /r/funny sellyourcomputer

Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn't stop to think if they should via /r/funny Noy2222

Searched for "ate mile", wasn't disappointed. via /r/funny Lyneos

Work van graphics done right... via /r/funny wastedkey

Stone cold ice face via /r/funny withoutzooey

The true answer to the ethical dilemma via /r/funny Hippoman12

Some wise advice..... via /r/funny oddcheater

Movie Time! via /r/funny Pirate_Redbeard
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