Tuesday, October 31, 2017

What I wore today to my job at a weed store

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Some of my dad's employees dressed up as him for Halloween. I think they nailed it.

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I'm at the same office as the friend in at the DMV

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We all know that one student...

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Best Costumes We've Ever Made!

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That's one way to do it

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My son got to choose his costume this year

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So my friend went to the DMV on Halloween...

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Wrestling is really dumb

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If movies influenced how we see people

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Acting scared for the neighbours kids when they come to my door on Halloween.

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The Ottawa senators logo without eyebrows

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The good news is the housing market is on the rebound.

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Commander in chief

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Hold on let me calculate my jump...

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Excuse the terrible caption

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kid made a rumba alone.

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Don't toot

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Get ready for takeoff

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yearbook quote

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Alright, let's get that engine purrin again.

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This 3rd grade math problem...

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Late to May The Fourth Be With You

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Power abuse.

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My Dad who is blind dressed as a pirate for Halloween.

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Super Star Mode

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Monday, October 30, 2017

Found my Halloween costume

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Onions know what's up and down...

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Can I please make an announcement?

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Ran into old fam

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Just a reminder of this incredible piece of investigative journalism

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The family that wins Halloween 2017 goes to....

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How to tell if your pets are starting a cult

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There are 2 types of girls on Halloween...

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I'm going back to college

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Think it’s expired?

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Charlie Chaplin could get a lot of comedy out of sliding door

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I don't think I'd apologize

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Ruining instagram photos

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Living nightmare

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How the media reacted to Kevin Spacey:

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You submitted a hostage situation.

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So my girlfriend just discovered I own a Label Maker... within minutes, this happened.

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I think I'm pregnant with dickbutt

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The letter I got after unsubscribing from a magazine

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Kristen Bell, the voice of Anna in Frozen, had to be Elsa for Halloween, because her daughter made her do it.

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Noooo please don't

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The name is Pond

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