Thursday, November 30, 2017

Subreddit Of The Month [December 2017]: /r/raimimemes. Know of a small (under 20,000 subscribers) humor-based subreddit that deserves a month in the spotlight? Link it inside! via /r/funny funny_mod

My favorite roller coaster photo via /r/funny Verryfastdoggo

Selling my camo shirt. PM me via /r/funny pd102chungha

So my uncle set up a doorbell camera... This is what he got notified of, via text, while he was at work on its first day in use. It's his neighbor.. via /r/funny The_ElectricGhost

Sims IRL via /r/funny TGFbro_m8

My cat found a new way to play with his toy via /r/funny Inji

I'm sorry to bother you! via /r/funny __DotMan__

Apparently booked a business trip on a furry flight. I’m the only non-furry via /r/funny CleanAxe

Let it snow? via /r/funny PM_me_a_bad_pun

Roll out via /r/funny strokeme2

This bear was accidentally brought to the dog shelter and had a great time via /r/funny Angela-Manning

Point/Counterpoint via /r/funny wile3166

Looks like Timmy is worm food. via /r/funny wile3166

Machines are rising via /r/funny Mi7ko

Sucking daddys thumb via /r/funny Denso95

wait for it .... via /r/funny CaptainDangeax

Good thing we're not under a dictatorship via /r/funny twonky89

A small duck becomes a burglar. via /r/funny Dickgeek07

"But mom I don't want to wizard!" via /r/funny koeziepower

How to Straighten a Pig's Tail via /r/funny Iveyse17

Flat Earth Society's reply to Elon Musk.. via /r/funny JulianCrisp

Boss caught a chicken sleeping on the job. via /r/funny jaycosmos

Hello fellow millenials! via /r/funny wimblemax

I never thought about it like that before... via /r/funny deadbabieslol

When you find a message in a bottle. via /r/funny Symcox63

Church by me via /r/funny tiggertom66

Missing a Tabby? via /r/funny wandering_ones

You just can't win via /r/funny princessrobot

What 2018 will look like after all that's happened. via /r/funny coshex_86

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Truth via /r/funny Eihcal298

Size 1 via /r/funny Fuzzylojak

HAhaHAhaHAhaHa via /r/funny Sabinski2

Strong message! via /r/funny pikerbiker

This 18 year old Futurama joke(xpost) via /r/funny Alannah_Lampe

Proper grammar via /r/funny strokeme2

Me in the Winter vs me in the Summer via /r/funny ggnavillus

The girl my sister was baby sitting had a look of pure joy I’ve only seen once before... via /r/funny theporkchopisraw

When you run out of things to talk about via /r/funny MrReindeerGames

Like clockwork via /r/funny Thomas_Pickles

Very disappointed via /r/funny shanehart02

Me trying to get some of those free trials via /r/funny Rey123x

Griff! via /r/funny extramediumjohn

Paul McCartney's new album could do with a catchier title. via /r/funny khaggis

Someone posted an ad about a "cat" that they found this morning via /r/funny thenewyorkgod

Me flirting... via /r/funny Iamtdg

Thought I was buying Dickies socks via /r/funny bobsmuddley

She’s in for a shock via /r/funny imahawki

Blast Off! via /r/funny Subtle_Omega

Get off Akumas Trampoline! via /r/funny iCritical

That's some smart thinking right there. via /r/funny sil130
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