Monday, April 30, 2018

Time To Work Out via /r/funny JPM11S

I went to the zoo but the Rhino was tired. via /r/funny tubbytucker

A Cute Boy via /r/funny BakedWafflez

The Flat Earther’s Atlas statue via /r/funny PsychoJellyBean

These guys were having fun at work via /r/funny Tony2958

Too soon? via /r/funny MoleFly

It puts the sprinkles on the cone… via /r/funny BiggusDickus9284

They don't understand via /r/funny YoungFemto

Something seems familiar about this via /r/funny OfficialGoneZero

The marketing folks at ALDI are gods. via /r/funny manonthelam

This kid is going places and the coach told him to run faster via /r/funny GunToast

It's Been 6 Years And Still My Favourite Review On Amazon via /r/funny ahmetcan44

There’s no fish. via /r/funny wild-apache

What's for dinner? via /r/funny MrLovens

Aw the struggle via /r/funny yeni_garza

When Slayer is in town and you gotta get your neck back into shape. via /r/funny RooR8o8

Dead & alive via /r/funny Kieran113

I love this picture. That is all. via /r/funny krishnaboobjay

Bit of a shitty situation via /r/funny gregthegregest2

Swedish Bollywood via /r/funny peanutbutterblam

Join the Resistance via /r/funny FOXCRUSHER101

Evolution via /r/funny wild-apache

doppelganger. via /r/funny Ps5Face

haHA via /r/funny ShadyArtemis

Blood test via /r/funny DerTobii

Dentist has this hanging in waiting room. via /r/funny Kayuga32

Who needs a gyro stabiliser for a camera when you can just use a chick? via /r/funny GreyCloud59

For the Greater Good.. via /r/funny Cloverfieldstarlord

Oh hi mark via /r/funny MasterRavs

Caught a rare occurrence via /r/funny jainswapnil52

The Rock has the best instagram feed via /r/funny ChartrueseClown

Can’t say that about the son via /r/funny pp0787

They judge you via /r/funny wild-apache

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Underlying overlords via /r/funny 9th_dimensional

Welcome to the real world! via /r/funny HockeyProHatty

MY FAVORITE SONG CAW CAW via /r/funny toxiccrow92

When you can't sleep via /r/funny brian_m1982

Additional stars can be bought... via /r/funny Swagnoor

TSA via /r/funny willdogs

Miss me with that pay shit via /r/funny laki_dank_trolling

There are three types of people in this world via /r/funny protokoul

When I introduce myself to others via /r/funny YteraII

Cop shows one of the worst accident scenes he's ever seen via /r/funny DoctorDaro

Wait a minute via /r/funny CRIMSON-NEXUS

When the 4th grade meets the 4th Amendment via /r/funny KENYADIGG1T

My friend just sent me this. via /r/funny Aaron143574

I would say he deserves an A+ via /r/funny Kryptotek89

Sleep Mode via /r/funny donthitsave

So.. this just happened. via /r/funny gRoberts84

My wife made this for our friend who has Asthma... speechless... via /r/funny GreyFoxTheRanger
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