Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Ruh Roh via /r/funny zman5150

Always one via /r/funny JimmieRusslah

Classic via /r/funny Roxy_25

A Redditor's Dream Job via /r/funny TapEmOut86

Worth it via /r/funny adamsappol

Admins getting feedback on the new Reddit Redesign via /r/funny daveedo_bandito

Perfect ad placement via /r/funny Stoo_Pedassol

Every moring via /r/funny nashtccri

When you go to the wrong convention. via /r/funny Villifraendi

Pro Life Tip via /r/funny Interfan1

Back in my day... via /r/funny T3SKULLBREAK

The end of terrorism is near via /r/funny FatFugu

Oh no via /r/funny Siiigurt

Just go to Good Burger to find him via /r/funny TheZenKiller

Liechtenstein's military via /r/funny JetlumAjeti

“He was bullied all his childhood” via /r/funny elikessler

What do you do when you get married? via /r/funny samfox11223

Perspective via /r/funny tatman567

Guys will understand via /r/funny phsyk-o

Old meme but still relevant via /r/funny __Northy

Satan's bird's via /r/funny _CanadianGoose

We all had one via /r/funny therubes78

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

I must have done college wrong. via /r/funny JurassicParked

Stranger Danger via /r/funny Robbea

Roses are Red, North is not South... via /r/funny soundthelaz

Yeeaaaa via /r/funny ImpossibleTackle

Magicians are nothing without their assistant via /r/funny t5_bluBLrv

Crappy internet can kill via /r/funny xxshadowraidxx

Midnight Motivation via /r/funny Armpit_Penguin

The Gods Among Us via /r/funny TapEmOut86

OC via /r/funny that_one_guy_1728

You want to do what? via /r/funny fano3

Wenches beware! via /r/funny arenasmith

Flex Cam! via /r/funny LaviniaRash

God has a sense of humor at least via /r/funny chatclaw97

Limited edition video game cover via /r/funny Palifaith

When you don’t have a jacket, you improvise. via /r/funny BlackEyedBroad

This madlad via /r/funny ImPrettyGoodAtLife

they have no idea via /r/funny bitchybaguette

Something Never Change via /r/funny ghf12323

One, two, three via /r/funny artisticano

I'll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Navy seals via /r/funny ivegotthehiccups

The world's most popular sport, folks... via /r/funny jeysen

Lol via /r/funny Dr_CrownRoyaL

Childhood ruined via /r/funny busted57

HypnoCat . via /r/funny TempieLeaf

sure had me fooled. via /r/funny almightydongslice

Damn son via /r/funny Infinitely_Chaotic

Savage bus via /r/funny ImSmarterThanOP

Make sense via /r/funny lomnafsk
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